Mike Kelland

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder & Board Member

Dr. Greg Rau

Senior Scientist & Co-Founder

“Having spent the last ten years learning about the
problems and implications of a changing climate
system, I’m delighted to finally turn my attention
towards figuring out a solution.”

– Robert Izett

Caroline Sauve

Leadership and Agile Coach

Jason Vallis

Vice-President, Operations

Omar Sadoon

Director of Procurement and GHG Accounting

Dr. Will Burt

Chief Ocean Scientist

Kelsey Cuddihy

VP Internal

Mariam Melashvili

Senior Process Engineer

Steve Rackley

Scientific Advisor

Tim Cross

Environmental Monitoring Specialist,
Project Manager

Robert Izett

Ocean Technology Developer

Alex Whitworth

Site Coordinator

Marie Egert

Biologic Safety Intern

Vincent Willis

VP Project Development

Mackenzie Burke

Site Operator

Nithin suresh Kuttipravan

Site Operator

Isabel Ross

Site Operator

Tia Chai

R&D Chemist


In addition to our staff, Planetary’s team includes a panel of advisors who volunteer their time and expertise. Together, these advisors boast decades of experience working in the climate space, developing carbon markets, and launching young companies. We are very grateful for their advice and guidance.

These advisors are not paid by Planetary.


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Lisa DeMarco

Lisa DeMarco is a Senior Partner and CEO at Resilient LLP. She is recognized as one of the world’s leading climate change lawyers with over 25 years of experience in all aspects of climate change and clean energy law. Lisa regularly advises on renewable power project development, energy storage projects, sustainable and climate finance transactions, carbon capture and storage, climate-related financial disclosure, corporate climate risk, ESG, green bonds, and sustainable business strategy.

Lisa plays an active role for Fortune 500 companies in corporate ESG, climate change, and transition strategy, target setting, and compliance. Lisa is the current Chair of the International Emissions Trading Association, a director of the boards of the MaRS Discovery District, and Planetary Technologies. She is a member of the Climate Economy Strategic Council and of the Expert Advisory Group of Voluntary Carbon Market Integrity Initiative (VCMI). Lisa is ranked by Chamber Global as one of the world’s leading climate change lawyers and regularly attends on the United Nations climate negotiations.

Lisa provides Planetary with strategic guidance across all legal dimensions, with a particular emphasis on carbon credits contracts. She provides insight into the likely directions the carbon credit market will evolve nationally and internationally.

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Adam Braun

Adam Braun is the Co-Founder & CEO of Climate Club, which provides carbon planning & management software to businesses. 

Previously, Adam founded several businesses dedicated to providing low-cost education to students around the world. He was named one of Business Insider’s 40 Under 40, one of Wired Magazine’s “50 People Who Are Changing the World,” and one of the World Economic Forum’s first ten Global Shapers. 

Adam helps Planetary develop effective fundraising strategies and connect with venture capitalists.

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Eric Campbell

Eric Campbell is Executive Director of the Clean Economy Fund, where he is responsible for connecting the philanthropic community with initiatives that support giant leaps toward a net-zero, climate-safe future.

Eric has been involved in Canada’s climate space for more than 15 years. He has worked with the business and finance community through initiatives like the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery and the Smart Prosperity Leaders coalition, guided start-ups in the clean energy and carbon removal sectors, and served as Advisor to Canada’s environment minister, where he ushered in landmark policies like the price on carbon pollution. 

Eric helps Planetary connect with influential policy and NGO actors in Canada’s climate space, and provides insights on Canadian carbon market policy.

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