Mike Kelland

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder & Board Member

Dr. Greg Rau

Chief Technical Officer, Co-Founder & Board Member

Brock Battochio


“Having spent the last ten years learning about the
problems and implications of a changing climate
system, I’m delighted to finally turn my attention
towards figuring out a solution.”

– Robert Izett

Kelly Wachowicz

Chief Financial Officer

Caroline Sauve

Leadership and Agile Coach

Jason Vallis

Vice-President, Operations

Omar Sadoon

Director of Procurement and GHG Accounting

Dr. Will Burt

Chief Ocean Scientist

Alex Mezei

Director of Metallurgy

“To work on this issue is the most rewarding
endeavor a person can undertake in my view.”

– Brenan Duhamel

Pete Chargin

VP, Commercialization and Community Relations

Kelsey Cuddihy

HR Business Partner

Mariam Melashvili

Senior Process Engineer

Yuanyuan Xu

Marine Chemist

Steve Rackley

Scientific Advisor

Tim Cross

Environmental Monitoring Specialist,
Project Manager

“Climate change is a challenge that involves us all.
It is the right time to start working hard to mitigate its effects and
give our children a planet with better expectations.”

– Luis Carrillo

Robert Izett

Ocean Technology Developer

Luis Carrillo

Senior Project Metallurgist

Brenan Duhamel

Site Coordinator, Oceanographer

Blair Battochio

Engineering Intern

Alex Whitworth

Site Coordinator

Marie Egert

Biologic Safety Intern