The Ocean Carbon Platform

Planetary’s product, The Ocean Carbon Platform, enables the safe, measured removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It packages together everything needed to develop and operate a responsible OAE project.

The Platform ensures safety, transparency, and permit compliance throughout a project’s development.

Three Product Modules

Planetary’s Platform allows the safe addition of antacid to seawater by optimizing all major steps of an OAE project.


Obtaining Pure Antacid

Planetary partners with suppliers of safe, pure antacids produced with a low carbon footprint. We select antacids that are used extensively in wastewater and aquaculture and are naturally abundant in seawater, and we test them for impurities. We are actively developing advanced methods of purification that will allow us to reduce the carbon intensity of our sourcing without lowering our standards for safety.


Treating the Ocean

Planetary automates alkalinity addition for water operators. Using a network of tanks, sensors, and pumps, as well as the software needed to manage them, our systems continually monitor and control the process to stay within existing safety limits. This enables operators to neutralise seawater acidity and remove CO2 from the air safely, all without installing significant infrastructure at the site.


Measuring CO2 Removal

Planetary has developed a sophisticated approach to measuring net carbon removals. We use models of local ocean mixing patterns, precise measurements of the added alkalinity, and an independently reviewed technique for measurement and verification called the Planetary Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) Protocol. All of our measurements and models are independently reviewed by third parties.

Site Automation and Monitoring Hardware

Planetary has developed a suite of specialized technologies to add controlled doses of alkalinity to an outfall, and to monitor the process continuously to ensure the addition’s safety.

Our alkalinity dosing system bundles all this technology together.

By collecting the necessary tools into one unit, Planetary allows project developers to deploy their OAE projects modularly. Once our unit arrives on site, it is ready to begin dispensing alkalinity after only a brief installation process.

Project Software

Our software system simplifies project development, monitoring and modelling throughout a project’s lifespan.

Incorporating real-time alert systems, ocean models, and our own unique knowledge of alkalinity dispersion and carbon drawdown patterns, the software records all of the relevant data that a project developer needs to safely and accurately measure carbon removal in a way that can be independently verified.