About Planetary Technologies


To protect and restore the ocean and climate for generations to come.


Planetary enhances the ocean’s natural ability to fight climate change through carbon dioxide removal and storage. Our team combines expertise in ocean science, metallurgy and geochemistry to safely and effectively scale up ocean-based CO2 management solutions. Working collaboratively with all of our stakeholders, we develop a cost effective and sustainable set of tools aimed at protecting and restoring our oceans and climate, ultimately doing carbon dioxide removal and storage at gigatonne scale.


Respect: Environmental impact over profit

Positive environmental impact is our primary measure of success. Respect for the environment means that we will prioritize it even in cases where it may not maximize profitability.

Accepting Responsibility: Technology founded on science

Our work is based on our best current scientific understanding and application of ocean alkalinity enhancement and CO₂ removal. Rigorous, relevant, and responsible science will lead the development of our programs and products at all times.

Win for All: Collective outcomes over individual goals

The climate crisis will only be solved when individuals, organizations, and communities work together. Win for all means we will strive toengage with both local and global environmental, social, private, as well as governmental stakeholders and communities to co-create opportunities for shared success and outcomes.

Curiosity and Creativity: Continuous learning aimed at restoration

Addressing the climate crisis requires us to apply our curiosity and creativity in the relentless pursuit of restoration. This learning applies to all aspects of our work including: customer, community, and partnership relationships as well as in matters of justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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