The team at Planetary is excited to share the launch of the Joint Learning Opportunity (JLO) initiative. The JLO initiative is being led by local community leaders at Carbon to Sea and COVE. The goal of this initiative is to support private, academic, and public sector organizations who wish to perform complimentary research, development, and technology based activities during planned field trials taking place starting in this summer and extending to the end of the year in Halifax Harbour.


“I’m so thrilled with this initiative. The JLO will allow us to build on the amazing progress made to date in Halifax and offer additional strong, transparent, and interdisciplinary collaboration. This kind of generative collaboration is critical for accelerating our learning in this field, and reflects what we need most in our collective fight against the climate emergency.” –Dr. Will Burt, Chief Ocean Scientist at Planetary


Activities undertaken by JLO participants will advance a range of research areas, including the monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) related to ocean alkalinity enhancement and will support new analysis and data collection. This initiative also includes the possibility of exploring Indigenous Traditional Knowledge Systems with the goal of evolving our collective understanding of MRV.


For more details on our ongoing field trials, please visit Planetary’s Halifax Project Page. For more details on the JLO, check out the Request for Proposal document on Carbon to Sea’s website.


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Halifax Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement – Joint Learning Opportunity