Planetary’s Science and Technology Code of Conduct

The following statements apply to all our scientific and technology work; they apply to everyone who participates in this work with and on behalf of Planetary. Planetary’s CEO and Board of Directors support this code and will monitor compliance. We encourage engagement on our approach to working; contact us for any questions.
  • We focus our science and operations on measurably and safely reducing atmospheric CO2.The environmental impact of our work is the primary measure of our success and we prioritize it even in cases where it may not maximize profitability.
  • We will collaborate with world-class scientific institutions and researchers to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of our methods in managing CO2. Our research will strive to be rigorous, responsible, and relevant and will take active steps to reduce research bias and increase accuracy, using third party verification when possible.
  • We will measure, verify, and share the results of our testing and the ongoing environmental impacts of our deployments.
  • We will proactively seek out dialogue with stakeholders, including local communities at each project site. We will address concerns and work with stakeholders to achieve shared success and address unforeseen issues. 
  • We will follow the laws, rules and guidelines in every region where we operate. In jurisdictions with weak regulatory requirements, we will conduct our operations in line with emerging best practices for deployment.
  • We commit to reviewing and updating this code as we learn and grow.