The team at Planetary is excited to be the first supplier to be signed up to Isometric’s newly published protocol for durable carbon removal through Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement (OAE). Isometric is a carbon credit certification platform on a mission to build trustworthy carbon markets by certifying only the most scientifically rigorous carbon credits. Carbon credit certification platforms like Isometrics’ are critical to enabling the carbon removal scale needed to address the climate crisis.

As the pathway with the highest scale potential, Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement will be required to achieve the world’s carbon removal goals.”, said Mike Kelland, CEO at Planetary,  “This protocol, assembled by the top scientists in the field, unlocks our ability to safely and incrementally develop this critical climate technology. Isometric’s world-leading team will hold our carbon removals to the highest standard and provide transparency to buyers, regulators, communities, stakeholders and rights holders.”

The protocol will be used to ensure the highest levels of scientific integrity, diligence and transparency in Planetary’s upcoming credit deliveries to Shopify, Terraset and Mars Discovery District. 

We wish to thank Isometric for their ongoing work in this area and would invite everyone to take in the press release announcement made by the team at Isometric today.


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World first protocol for Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement