We were very pleased to receive the Water Research Centre’s (WRc) report in February on our proposed project in Hayle, Cornwall, which found that our Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement technology has the potential for “significant net carbon removal” and that our proposed trial represents a “very low” risk to marine organisms.

Our team has thoroughly reviewed the WRc’s recommendations and we have made the decision to identify alternate alkalinity sources for our project in the UK. This process will ensure that our alkalinity source is fully traceable while also reducing transportation requirements and its carbon footprint. By choosing a new source, we will be able to conduct all future trials with a single source of alkalinity, which will help to guarantee the long term success of the project. 

As with our previous proposed source, all potential alternatives will undergo rigorous testing for suitability. We expect this process of identification and assessment to take between six to twelve months to complete. During this time, we will continue to liaise with the Environment Agency and work with our partners in the UK to advance this important climate technology.


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Planetary Sourcing Long Term Alkalinity for Project in the UK