Planetary Sourcing Long Term Alkalinity for Project in the UK

We were very pleased to receive the Water Research Centre’s (WRc) report in February on our proposed project in Hayle, Cornwall, which found that our Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement technology has the potential for “significant net carbon removal” and that our proposed trial represents a “very low” risk to marine organisms. Our team has thoroughly reviewed […]

Environmental Baseline Survey Characterises St Ives Bay

Planetary has released an Environmental Baseline Survey report to document the environmental conditions in and around St Ives Bay, particularly the marine environment surrounding the wastewater diffusers off Godrevy Head. This report, prepared in support of the proposed ocean alkalinity enhancement carbon removal trial, contributes to our scientific understanding of the local marine environment, and […]

Water Research Centre Publishes Independent Report on Proposed Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement Trial

WRc finds Planetary’s process has the potential for “significant net carbon removal” and  our proposed trial represents a “very low” risk to marine organisms.    Water Research Centre (WRc) – one of the world’s leading independent scientific advisers – has been assessing Planetary’s proposal for a project in Hayle. This independent report commissioned by the […]

Updated Company Overview: Planetary in Cornwall

      Planetary’s CEO Mike Kelland recently appeared on BBC South West’s Politics. In case you missed it, or in case you’ve just learned about the company, this post is a refresher on Planetary’s mission and point of view, an update on our activities in Cornwall, and answers to questions we heard from the […]

Survey work in St Ives Bay

Safety and scientific rigour are at the heart of the proposed Planetary project to restore the climate and the ocean using Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement (OAE). In May 2023, Planetary carried out baseline survey work in St Ives Bay, as previously announced. This work marked the next step in our longer-term monitoring programme in St. Ives […]

Trust and Verify

Mar 24, 2023

    We won’t conduct studies that we think are likely to cause harm. That simply would go against everything we believe in – our code of conduct, the scientific method, our dedication to restore the ocean.    Nonetheless, we still need to monitor and record our activities in the ocean – both to be […]

Cornwall Research Study Kickoff

Planetary Technologies is excited to engage with the community in Cornwall and Hayle, UK as we kick off our upcoming research study! The research we are currently undertaking is critically important if we are going to collectively meet our climate goals around the world and we are excited to be connecting with the community on […]